Activities of the association ISTARSKO-Ekomuzej from Vodnjan are coordinated by the association's president Dino Babić, an expert for regional economy, especially ICT applied on projects for regional development, with 10 years of experience in developing, managaing and valorisation of european projects, he is also the president of the European Project Association (Bruxelles, Belgium), co-founder and academic director of the European Academy for education and social research (Dublin, Ireland).

Edi Pastrovicchio graduated from the Agricultural university in Zagreb in 2009 and joined the association in April 2016. He is an expert in agronomy and has worked in the field since 2010. when he was a manager of agricultural productions in south Istria. He participates in international meetings of biodynamic agriculturist, has a certificate in olive oil tasting and has lead successful workshops in olive pruning.