On Friday 29th of January 2016 Ecomuseum Istrian de Dignan held at the Open University Vodnjan-Dignano a public presentation of the annual program and projects for the whole year, with the aim of active involve the local community in its activities.

The program of the association, as was stressed by Dino Babic, President of the Ecomuseum, Bernardina Hlevnjak Pastrovicchio, Secretary of the association, and Maira Rumac Executive Manager, focuses on three areas: culture, tourism and agriculture.

In 2016, the goal of the association is to turn Vodnjan-Dignano into a year-round tourist destination renowned for the traditional Istrian products and crafts, and consequently, its transformation into one of the most interesting tourist points of Istria.

Ecomuseum will focus on digitization, all objects, events and activities of the Ecomuseum will be documented to preserve intangible cultural heritage.

Great emphasis is placed on tourism, launching tourist programs implemented through cooperation with all local private owners and wine and oil producers in order to attract as many tourists in Vodnjan-Dignano.

Also, in cooperation with the elementary school Vodnjan-Dignano, Ecomuseum Istrian de Dignan launched Didactic Farm project within that will regulate the garden and stables near the elementary school and whose implementation will enable training a large number of children and local farmers. Education throughout the Didactic Farm will focus on the value of healthy food and children will monitor fruit and vegetables from seed to plate. The objective is to promote organic and traditional agriculture and rural culture: crafts, composting, recycling, use of rain water and biological diversity.