On the 25th of February we spent a multicultural evening at the Ecomuseum with the volunteers of the DINAMIC EVS project.

We enjoyed a traditional spanish night trying a typical plate from Catalonia, the Calçotada.

It is made with a specific kind of long onion (calçots), grilled in the barbecue or in the grill. The way of eating calçots is almost a ritual. You pick the calçots (as they have been grilled they should be all black outside), then you hold from the beginning of its leaves with one hand and with the other hand you grab the bottom end and pull. If the calçot is well-made the black layer should go out at once. After that the white part of the calçot is dipped into romesco (nut and red pepper) sauce and the calçot is lowered into the mouth in one go!

We spent a really pleasant evening all together…