Something quite big is coming

This summer we had the chance to work with the first international multimedia Journalism festival, Fažana Media Fest, where we actively participated promoting its ecological initiatives and their main journalistic activities.

As they say, their main goal was to become a traditional international gathering place for journalists, with ethical and professional principles promoted through media and communication creativity. So that it was great to be part of it and to learn first-hand surrounded by some of the most iconic journalists and photojournalists of the whole Balkans.

Influential figures like Đelo Hadžiselimović, Goran Milić, Blaž Zgaga, Jasmin Krpan or Ivo Lucic were some of the greatest guests with whom we could share an agenda full of workshops, concerts and conferences.

As organizers and cofounders of the event, in our volunteer’s team, we also met great people inside and outside of the communication field, willing to help as much as possible with the rest of the workers, guests and general participants.

Due to this awesome experience, we want to give special thanks to the organizers of all of it Saša Leković, Petar Fehir and Misa Stanko just as much as to the main communication workers Vuk Tesija, Ines Bazdalic and their communication office mate (which name we are not able to remember but still appreciate his help).

For the rest of volunteers that were with us sharing the media centre entrance at any moment we only have good words as well.

It was really a pleasure to join all of you! Hvala svima!