Volunteers from France, Italy and Spain will be staying in Vodnjan throughout the next year as a part of the Developing Innovative Network of Associations to Motivate Initiatives and Cooperation (DINAMIC) project.

''We are honoured you will spend a part of your studying and activites as a part of the DINAMIC project in Vodnjan. I want all of your experiences to be positive and that by the time you get back to your countries, you will bring back from Vodnjan unforgettable moments and new knowledge. The city always backs project which involve young people, especially the ones which develop thinking and abilities that benefit the future and well-being of new generations and in this way they benefit the local community'', said (mayor) Vitasović on the welcoming ceremony.

Volunteers, young experts in different areas, were brought together as a part of the DINAMIC project which is financed by the European Union with the program Erasmus+, through the Mobility and European Volunteer Service (EVS) activites.