Ecomuseum ISTRIAN de Dignan meets the Italian Ecomuseo Della Gente di Collina “Il Cavalîr” in Fagagna.

On Wednesday, 23rd of January, we visited the Ecomuseo Della Gente di Collina “Il Cavalîr” in Fagagna where we were guided by their president Elia Tomai and the responsible of the didactical activities of the Ecomuseo Elisabetta Brunello Zanitti. Both of them, passionate about their work, transfer their passion and knowledge about the traditions of Italian locality.

Once there, we had also the opportunity to share this live culture visit with their vice president Chiara Pellecchia and also Serena Pividori, who works with the kids when there is a school excursion. They counted us some of their activities throughout the year, like the corn collection, the Easter painting of the eggs, the butchery event in Sant Antoni and the sugar party to customize the pumpkins, which you may know as the “Festa della Zucca”. We would also thank the Major of the Fagagna Daniele Chiarvesio for warm welcoming and company!

Development of Ecomuseum of Fagagna, maintenance and organizing activities is the result of hard work, engaged time and love for the culture and tradition of the community. All these results wouldn't be possible if the local authority didn't recognize the development of the Ecomuseum as an essential segment of the local development, but also without the local community - 120 volunteers who are constantly participating in the activities, from kids to the retired ones. 

Going there we had the chance to see how their mill works (carefully restored from an earthquake piece by piece) <3, their lovely animals and the traditional treasures of their culture in clothes, bobbin lace and ceramics. We could also appreciate the similarity with our customs like the ancestor of our bed - made of straw - that we called 'paion' and they called 'stramaz'. Can´t wait to share a new visit with you, hopefully here in Vodnjan!

Thank you so much Ecomuseo Della Gente di Collina “Il Cavalîr”!

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